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Easter 2016 @Brown's Hut

Easter 2016 @Brown's Hut

 A number of members headed out to Brown’s Hut on Easter Thursday with the majority arriving on the Friday. It was a great turn out with about 16 groups turning up. Because of other commitments; work and family, some just came for the day. All up though, it was a huge success.

Getting away from the rat race that is the Sunshine Coast over Easter is always a bonus of course. We do have Darren (Williams) to thank for making the “Hut” available to us so we could chill out in relative peace and quiet though, so, 3 cheers to Daz!!

It was very much a chill out and social weekend and apparently there were numerous Bunnies n Bilbies itching to jump out of the Engels and Waecos on Sunday morning. Phil and Fran were seen eating chocolate eggs and pan cakes. Not sure if that was a CWA recipe or not. I’d say not!! Each to their own I suppose. Must have been good though as we weren’t invited!!

There were only a couple of trips organised, up into the surrounding hills. The view?? Breathtaking!! Although relatively easy climbs, they were incredibly steep. It wasn’t the going up that proved a problem for Dave Ford, but the going down. Not 100% sure what happened, but if it wasn’t for the substantial bull bar and a hefty tree that stopped them, things might have been far worse. In usual Fordy fashion, he took it well and sort of shrugged his shoulders…… least we think so.  As the French and Fordy say……”C’est la vie”. Lol.

Ian, Kay and Yasmin arrived in the Forward Control. Somehow, I always thought that rig should have a starring role in Mad Max. Not sure about the colour coded mountain bike on the back though!!

Steve Waldon was lording it in his recently acquired 4x4 Isuzu Camper. I guess we can forgive him not turning up in the Defender, since Isuzu and Landy did have a love affair a few years ago with the 3.9.

Oh………. Paul drove out in the new Disco 4. Damn!! Such a nice vehicle; the smell of leather was intoxicating!! Nice one Paul n Liz!! Apparently, they have to drive it for about 1000km before hitching up the caravan. Even though it wasn’t Liz and Paul’s first colour preference, it does look great.

Each night most happy campers sat around the fire.  Amazingly, it was a tad cool at night, so, winter is not too far away and the fire was welcomed.  Since Paul wasn’t there to manage it, his understudy, Harry Ford took control. Did a great job I might add.

All went well until Saturday night when we seemed surrounded by distant clouds and lightening. Sure enough, at about 1am it poured down; well, at least it sounded that way, as the drops hit the canvas of our camper. The following morning, the rain ceased and all was well, but, it started again at about 9am. We figured enough was enough and packed up, hitting the road by about mid-day. A few diehards stayed on, but most had left.

Not far down the road we came across the Bikes, Mud and Music spectacular. Amazingly, we didn’t hear a thing from our camp site. It seemed bigger than Ben Hur so we parked up and watched the bikes racing around the tracks for a while. It all seemed very well organised and obvious fun was being had. Great location.  By the time we hit the bitumen, both our Defender and trailer were covered in red mud, so we knew what we’d be doing once we arrived home!!

It was cut short but the 3 days we had at Brown’s was great, and once again, that was thanks to Darren.

Until the next time…………….Happy Land Rovering everybody.     



2017 Membership Dues

2017 Membership Dues
Just a reminder to members that your 2017 membership fees are now due. If you are paying by Direct Transfer, don't forget to make reference to your surname and m'ship, please.

Orphan's Christmas 2015

Orphan's Christmas 2015
Christmas, though not always, can, equate to Glitz, Feuding Families and Stress; not to mention an over heated credit card. If that was the case, you should have come to Brown's Hut with us wretches, cast out into the wilderness through no fault of our own. Orphans!! Phil and I, because our thoughtless relatives decided to head away to other places. Jen Johns and her two kids, Eathan and Chloe because Matt decided that Abu Dhabi was the place to be. Was that because he was closer to Bethlehem, the birthplace of baby Jesus?? Not bloody likely!!  It was because of the cheap Duty Free Booze there!! Finally, there was Paul and Liz, literally thrown onto the streets in their shabby $100k caravan because of some thoughtless person who wouldn't allow them access to their van until 11th January. All 3 groups thrown together in a paddock with 20 Brahman cows and calves, every day, having to dodge the cow s---!! Life as an Orphan isn't much fun........................................... or so you might think!!

Put Jen and Liz together each clutching a bottle of plonk................... Sorry Liz............Bubbly, and you have the recipe for (disaster.....whoops, cross that out!!) a great deal of fun. In fact, Liz, with that bottle in her right had, also had a Turducken in the left, and without any fuss at all, cooked up a feast for all of us. Phil and I didn't have to thaw the 4 Chicken Drumsticks after all. What a lady you are Liz. A "Classy Lassie" indeed.

The cattle?? They seemed to have a love of Land Rovers. ( I knew there was a point to this article!!) The calves specially, were forever licking the dirt and dust off the Defender, and after the rain we had out there, the bigger ones took a fancy to drinking (Licking) the water off Paul n Liz's Disco. They also took a fancy to the Christmas Baubles we had hung from trees and shrubs next to Yabba Creek, pulling them off and spitting them out.

We had a few visitors along the way.. Darren, who kindly let us use the paddock and hut, stayed overnight Also Don and Vickie, Geoff and June all trundled in to see how we were managing.

All in all, it was a quiet, but, fun filled Christmas. We had 5 beaut days out there. We figure that the cows will be missing us, but, we'll make amends when we return over Australia day. We trust that none of the beasts end up as "Big Macs" over the next couple weeks. Would make me want to become a vegetarian if they did.

OK................ here's wishing one and all, a "Very Happy New Year" and lots of safe and happy Rovering,


Derek....... Ed.    



For the first time in several years the Club decided to hold its annual Xmas Party at Kenilworth in the hills outside Eumundi.  First to arrive were Paul and Liz on the Thursday being rapidly followed on Friday by quite a few members with their vans, trailers and tents.  Lovely flat ground with lush green grass surrounded us with views to the creek, hills and oval and plenty of space for all.  A great little campfire arose at Paul and Liz’s as the day drew on and a most gravitated to the fire for tall yarns and a get together. 

Matthew, as Trip Leader had arranged for the meat from the local baker and spent Friday preparing the meat for the spit.  Liz and Kay as Co-Trip Leaders worked tirelessly to purchase and prepare a range of beautiful salads, pre-dinner snacks and tit bits for the Xmas Dinner to be held on Saturday night.  Tim had been working long and hard in the background in the weeks before the event to arrange a plethora of goodies for the raffle, thank you Tim!

Ian and Keith arrived with their forward control vehicles; one four wheel drive and the other six wheel drive, very impressive beasts, to say the least!  More of the Club rolled in on Saturday and had relaxing set up time until the rain came.

Early Saturday morning Darren’s dog Frosty escaped from Darren and visited all the campers to say hello.  A local cricket match (not us) started after lunch and was washed out later in the day, with the hastily laid pitch covers being used as a waterslide by the cricketers; at least they got some value out of their game.  Later on in the afternoon, Santa, having been booked for an early celebration by Alan, arrived in the Royal Land Rover (used by the Queen during her visit To Queensland), and kindly provided by Keith Cree.  The children received early Xmas Presents from Santa and much mirth was seen with some little ones deciding Santa was a bit much with his ‘sunnies’ on for the Australian Summer.

The only issue on the day was the rain!!  Buckets of it, late in the afternoon and during the dinner.  Several of the campers had wet feet and wet beds, but with a bit of lubrication it was not all bad.  Water was running up to 100mm deep over the oval and outside the dining area during the wettest part of the downpour. 

The dinner was held in the hall at the showgrounds, plenty of tables and chairs and lots of light and most of all dry and not wind affected!  The serving and layout areas were great with stainless steel tops and lots of big fridges and huge washing up areas.

The meal was excellent with lamb, beef and pork carved off the spit by Matthew as well as salads, (huge variety thank you Liz and Kay!) and baked potatoes, as per the Webers, some a little over and under cooked, but good, no less.  Dessert was a choice of Pavlovas with fruit salad and cream, or chocolate cake with ganache and cream (all obtained from the local bakers, Joe and Francesca).  Ethan was chief gopher and fixer and earns a ‘gold star’ for his efforts in helping everyone behind the scenes.  Some cake was still available after dinner and was rapidly consumed by the hungry ones.  The raffles were held mid-dinner with lots of winners and only a few losers and Brian also gave an annual report on the Club.  Everyone brought goodies for Christmas Hampers and several were won and enjoyed by the winners.  Phil and Fran won the Christmas lights competition in a tightly contested field.  After a late night, some had to return home due to other commitments and everyone else went to bed to recover from the effects of the day.

Sunday breakfast was also provided by the Club with heaps of bacon, eggs and sausages and bread rolls (again supplied by the local baker).  Sunday also saw Derek and Phil front up, just home from a big trip. 

Later that day a steady progression of families packed up and moved out to their home destinations and a few stayed to enjoy the area and then press on to other locations.

Overall, a great weekend, with about fifty adults and about a dozen children enjoyed the weekend with the occasional dog or three thrown in for good measure.  Everyone indicated that they had a good time and were happy with the facilities and would be more than happy to return in the future.


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