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STOP PRESS. Combined Club Weekend at Imbil.

It has been proposed that a combined club weekend involving the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clubs be held at Imbil on 13th, 14th and 15th March 2015. It is a golden opportunity for us meet more like minded enthusiasts and to pool ideas for future "Getaways" etc. It has also been proposed that one day, or part there of,  be set aside for a "Ladies Driver Experience". Gary Lewis, Phil and myself will be doing a reconnoitre this coming Monday the 23rd February to check out the new facilities at Charlie Moreland that hopefully are completed. Once we have returned we will post our findings. Will you PLEASE advise Gary  soon after, if you will be attending. It is important that we have an idea of numbers, and of course it is common courtesy to let the Leader know.
Thanks........... Ed


Phil and I are heading over to the UK in April and May this year, and although not related to the primary reason for our trip, we have decided to do a few Land Rover Defender related side trips. Firstly we are off to Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, North Wales where Land Rover was conceived by the Wilks brothers back in 1947. We then head to Solihull for a 3 hour Defender Factory Tour to see first hand these iconic vehicles being built. We have just received a couple of incredible invitation cards from Land Rover created on typical post war cream cardboard and in the shape of a "Clocking in card, used by workers at the factory. I assume we clock in when we arrive for the tour using these retro looking cards. Also enclosed are two other cards. One asks us to record our own personal Land Rover Story and the other asks our opinion of what the new Defender should look like.................. another indication, of which I have had a number recently through people at Solihull, of their intention to replace the icon.
It is the second card that I am more interested in and I would like to ask you, for YOUR input as to what you think the replacement Defender should look like and what it should incorporate. ie, safety and practical gadgetry found in most present day SUV's. Once received, we will take these idea's to Land Rover for their perusal. It can be seen as having our input into what we expect from the replacement. I, personally stated that there was such a backlash against the originally proposed DC 100 because there was no resemblance to the vehicle it was replacing. Enthusiasts, of which the Americans are gnashing at the bit to be able to purchase, demand that there is a semblance of evolution in its iconic design, of which DC 100 had none other than the oval badge at the front and rear. I would love to take your ideas with us and present them to Land Rover. If you are interested, and LR are taking this seriously, we will submit your ideas. Just email them to us.
Back to other things LR related, we will be paying homage to HUE 166 at Gaydon Motor Museum. Surely we don't have to explain what HUE is.  We then head to the Sodbury Sortout, the biggest Land Rover swap meet in the world. I might add that I was born at Old Sodbury 66 years ago, a tiny hamlet in the Cotswolds where the first Sortouts were held. It has grown so much in size that they were forced to move venues a couple of times and is now just outside of Southampton, at a place called Beaulieu. There is sure to be "stuff" to fill the suit case to bring back to Oz. lol
Ok........... we look forward to your Defender ideas.

Derek.......... your Ed


Ever heard of a Land Wind? Not sure how these two nouns made it together, but they have. It's the name of a Chinese fake Range Rover Evoque. Not a great deal is known about the vehicle other than it was show cased at a Chinese Motor Show recently and will retail at a fraction of the cost of the original; about A$29000. You can check it out on Utube.  Apparently, Land Rover, understandably, are fuming. Its not the first time the Chinese have faked prestige vehicles, having tried it on with Rolls Royce some years back. Mind you; you wouldn't be seen dead in one as its as trashy as it gets. A few days ago, Phil and I were in Port Vila in Vanuatu and came across a Chinese sedan that looked a little like the Volkswagen Passat. Who knows, maybe after the 20th December we may see a Defender with a Mandarin name. It's sad really that such a capable country has to stoop so low as to blatantly steal design. I guess its akin to buying Gucci bags and sun glasses from a street vendor in Bali. Anyway; If you see one for sale on you might consider giving it a miss.
Happy Rovering  (Winding, doesn't have the same ring does it!! LOL)


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!  I hope that Old Years Night was as much fun as ours. We went to Coolum for the fireworks....... the early show...... for the Kids and Pensioners. Home by 9.30.......... a mug of Cocoa and off to Dreamland. LOL.

Well, 2015 will needlessly become a year to remember for us Land Rover fanatics. On 20th December this year, the last Defender will roll off the Solihull assembly line. Word has it that the last one to reach Australia will be raffled off, so start saving up to buy a few tickets, if that is the way it occurs of course. It may well be a free raffle for LR owners. It's all a bit hazy re what will happen, but, the 20th is definitely the last day. Speculation also has it that the factory will be stripped down and rebuilt in India, where Defender will live on. Sadly though, they won't be available to us here in Australia, NZ or anywhere in Europe due to demanding emission and safety rules. It will be, indeed, a sad day for us all.

One thing is very certain, and that is that SCLROC is as strong as ever and there will be much to do throughout the year. This all depends of course on members participating as much as possible. It is a great club, and extremely social, and worthy of the input it gets.
HOn that note, once again, here's wishing everyone a Safe, Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Derek........ The Ed.

PS. This sad picture isn't as bad as it looks. Only split a hose between the Intercooler and Inlet Manifold, rendering the turbo u/s. Got home in Limp Mode. The only sad point was that they would not fit a silicon hose as a replacement.


Well, another SCLROC Christmas party is over and, dare I say,  we are another year older. LOL.  I guess there are a few out there who still think Christmas should be cold and white. Well, I don’t wish to burst your bubble, but, that’s never going to happen here in Queensland. Mind you, if the majority get their way next year, it will be a “Christmas in July”event, ....... less the snow of course. I suppose we should count the positives, and they were, that it didn’t rain, even though we desperately want it to,  and the nights were, relatively cool. 44 in the water bag during the day was a bit of a shocker though. Poor Louise can attest to that, having succumbed to the heat on friday, followed by Phil on saturday, after walking into town to get some cider. Should have drank the cider and then walked home perhaps!!
Thanks to a number of people who helped organise the event, the weekend went well, and apart from the G20 causing a few headaches, re the numbers camping at Island Reach, everyone had a great time. It possibly could have been better if we all could have corralled closer together around the facilities we had booked many months ago, but, again, the G20 put pay to that. The 3 poker faced ladies, playing board games in the kitchen area, and who lacked any sense of humour at all, were there to stay, defiant to the last. Of course, they had their rights, but it was amusing watching them hold onto those rights. I somehow doubt if they will ever consider joining our club, mores the pity perhaps. LOL. It was unfortunate that, as mentioned earlier, so many campers turned up on the spur of the moment creating a squeeze on the minimal facilities.
Once again, we are indebted to Gary for spending so much time, effort and running around, organising the incredible array of raffle prizes. It’s so easy to take that sort of thing for granted, but the reality is, that once again, he put 200% into it and the results were astounding.
On the subject of thanks, Matt, Ethan, John and Gail fed us well. Nobody starved and the quality was to die for. Again, what would we do without these folk putting in so much effort. It was a joint effort, from Brian and Jodi, down. A big thanks to everyone concerned. Phil and I promise to work on new games for the next bash. It seems to us obvious that Dead Eyed Tim needs new stimulus, and we promise to stop him in his tracks next time.
Santa turned up in a daggy old 2a. Apparently his usual Series 1 Sleigh hit the skids. (think about that one!!). Never mind......... Santa does has a backup plan as things don’t always go to plan. Even Micky and Minnie spat it this year. Santa refused to give them the 10% rise they asked for. 1 1/2 % just didn’t cut the biscuit, I’m afraid.   Never mind......... he did have Liz and Kaye Claus to help him........... relatives of the “old” man in the red suit. The kids went wild when they saw him arrive. I might add, and this is not sour grapes, that the old sod didn’t give me a cracker (think about it again!!) for driving him all that way. Anyway, he has gone. I dropped him off at the door, kicked him out, and sped off back to Maroochy River at top speed........... 80 kph...... took 9 days!!
I have to mention our latest members, Julie and Nick, who came along, and for their effort, got their brand new Defender 90 bodywork peppered with rocks and also lost a window in the process. Not the sort of thing you expect from a weekend away camping. The person driving the car that caused the damage admitted liability and gave her details to Julie. Apparently, her insurer stated that their client was not liable. Make of that as you will. All I can say, is, don’t ever consider getting coverage from a company starting with V. I believe they also sell phones, fly things in the sky and have their fingers in a few other pies. If you get my jist, don’t touch them. Stick with those who are more reputable. We all wish Julie and Nick the best of luck getting their vehicle fixed. Mind you......... Karma was on their side as they (and rightly deserved) scooped some great prizes in the draw. Good on ya both!! Don’t feel bad about it at all. Mind you Julie, along with others, Phil and I didn’t win a thing. Brian did give us a key ring light though............. but, don’t feel bad about it Julie. Really, we are fine that you scooped all the best prizes Julie. Honest....... no sour grapes at all. LOL.
It would be remiss of me not to mention poor Ann Cree after her fall and subsequent hospitalisation. Get well soon sweet lady and we hope to see you running around soon. Make the most of Keith delivering you breakfast in bed. lol. Oh Keith........ the first Range Rover off the assembly line, Chassis #001 sold recently for 133,000 pounds sterling. We all know you have some early Rangies on your block, so, get working. There are a few dollars to be made!!
On that note, its been another successful year for the club. New Web Site, Matt’s input into making the club safer and more accountable, and many great trips made around the place. Next year will be even better. All it takes is you.
Seasons Greetings and here’s wishing you, one and all, a safe and prosperous 2015,
Derek........ your Ed.

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